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Angel Goba


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  • CIPC Approved: No
  • Dimensions L * W * H:100 * 180 * 1
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  • Category:Arts & Craft
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Product description

The title ‘transcendence’ refers to the state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience. The state of being referred to how living as a black person in the twenty-first century still has to go through issues when it comes to the way that African hair naturally grows. My artwork speaks about the stereotypes of having afro hair and how people perceive having this kind of hair as unprofessional and untidy. The two heads symbolize the double identities that black people have to put on because they are unable to keep our natural hair out. Crows are usually associated with bad things, destruction, omen and bad luck which are similar associations when it comes to African hair. My aim in this was to show that black people who choose to grow their hair naturally can claim back their freedom and allow themselves to be free. To take these associations with African hair and turn them around, that way it is not seen as something bad but as a statement that they are claiming their freedom and pride.

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