About Us

You've been working tirelessly to increase your brand recognition with no luck? Or struggle to buy your favourite kasi brand when you are far away? Wrote that book over a year ago, but still no sales? At AddaxZ, we understand how it feels like to get frustrated over such setbacks. Therefore, we have created a platform that will make all your wishes come true with no hassle at all.

AddaxZ is an e-commerce platform that gives local brands an opportunity to showcase their creative minds and distinctive Mzansi aura to everyone across South Africa and abroad. Whether through our collection of fine Arts & Crafts, or imaginative swag our different clothing lines have, at AddaxZ, you will find something that will spark that Mzansi feel. Ours is to ease your worries by ensuring that as a seller, all your delivery and marketing problems are solved, and as a buyer, you can have access to a wide range of Mzansi products to enjoy.

So whether you’re at Thohoyandou, or down south at Cape, or even enjoying the Indian waters at Durban, we have got you covered!


AddaxZ aims to assist locally produced products grow by giving them access to a broader market through the AddaxZ online store. AddaxZ also takes care of the transportation of the goods so that producers only need to worry about innovation and reinvention of their products.

Our Vision

To be an African household name as our clients’ go to store when looking to sell/buying local products alongside some international products.

Our Delivery System

We use a hybrid system of couriers to make sure there is convinience for the client.

How AddaxZ Came About

The idea to start AddaxZ came in 2015 when we recognised the abundant number of local brands that have been on the rise but lacked the necessary exposure and service to make it convenient for all the potential customers. The vision evolved to having both local and international brands, but giving more exposure to local goods in the process. The goal is to cover at least 92% of the South African and African market (in the near future).


Mbuso Makitla

He is a Computer Science graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is driven by the need to improve and innovate his surroundings, but also deeply rooted in his background and not leaving anyone behind. He is always curious and interested in learning from others so that he can be a better person and a leader. His passion to bring about change and the combination of his tech minded perspective led him to the a position where he is responsible for the AddaxZ vision and strategy.

Ntando Magana

Ntandoyenkosi Magana, a University of Johannesburg graduate born and raised in Limpopo. Ntando seeks to support, promote and uplift local businesses. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of AddaxZ.

Phinda Hlawe

A postgraduate mathematics student at the university of the Witwatersrand, he has a knack for problem solving. He enjoys attempting to get mathematical solutions to common business problems. Hlawe genuinely wants to make the world a better place by helping small South African businesses harness the power of e-commerce.

Kutlwano Sereko

A brave and ambitious natural-leader who often finds himself advising those around him because he likes helping people. Known for his ability to point in the right direction in times of adversity, Kutlwano leads the daily operations at AddaxZ, which include providing leadership, management and executing strategies developed by the executive team in order to grow the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Information Systems, and a Certificate in Business Management Essentials both from Wits University.