About Us

At AddaxZ we understand how it feels to be the small guy in an already established market. Producers are given access to a broad market. Buyers do not know what other great brands are out there unless you bring them closer. We need you to help us help you to make informed decisions to increase your brand recognition and sales. We want to focus on the logistics, so you get to spend more time on producing and innovating.

Our Mission

To build a market where producers can meet their target market.

Our Values
    To promote entrepreneurism.
    To fight unemployment.
    To bring a market closer to people.
    To make it convenient for users.
Our Delivery Service

It is a system that has been trusted for over 50 years that people from almost anywhere can use and relate to. We use the South African taxi delivery service to move your package from place to the next.

We have found this convenient because taxis are the most accessible modes of transport that can get anyone from one place to their preferred destination. The manner in which we use taxis will be similar to how orders will be sent/received.


Mbusowentandoyenengi (The one who will rule many) was a name originally given to him as a child since he was born post 1994 in South Africa. Mbuso Makitla is an aspiring BSc Computer Science tech entrepreneur from a town called Dennilton in the Limpopo province. He is driven by the need to improve and innovate his surroundings, but also deeply rooted in his background and not leaving anyone behind. He is always curious and interested in learning from others so that he can be a better person and a leader. His passion to bring about change and the combination of his tech minded perspective led him to a few start-ups in university with his friends. One of them was an SRC app meant to connect the representatives directly to students, and the others never made it past the development phase. The idea to start AddaxZ came in 2018 when he recognised the abundant number of local brands that have been on the rise but lacked the necessary exposure and service to make it convenient for all the parties involved. The vision evolved to having both local and international brands, but making the playing field even in the process. His goal is to cover at least 92% of South Africa and Africa(in the near future).